Hi, I’m Anja

Anja Storm

Hi, I’m Anja. It’s pronounced Anya. So…

Hi, I’m Anja. Anja Storm. And I’m a superhero.

People think superhero work is all about saving people and beating people. Rescuing cats. Taking down mega villains. That sort of thing.

But it’s not all that.

See, we get a granny’s purse back, and then we’ve gotta pick up the pieces. We’ve got to deal with emergency services, incident reports, clean up crews, governments constantly trying to shut us down, spy agencies, and the spies.

Not to mention our own injuries and ailments. I busted a knee a while back and it’s never been the same. I’ve got arthritis now, and each hit I block sends a shock through my joints. I’m on medication too. I’ve got to keep a schedule with that. Travelling around the world in jets or suits or whatever flying powers we might have – it mucks up the timing of these things.

And to top it off, there’s the admin. I’ve got to send out invoices, apply for grants, keep on top of my receipts, sort out my taxes, and think about hiring an assistant for all this.

Everyone’s read comics or seen a superhero movie. We get it. It’s cool. Crazy cool. But all that’s like social media. It’s a curated presentation.

What I want to do here is different. I’m gonna take you behind the scenes to the real nitty gritty of it. To what being a superhero is all about. Living a life of honour, while somehow trying to pay the bills.

Come along for the ride. If you want. You can binge watch the latest superhero show later.

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