Meeting with the Big Boss

Anja Storm - Superhero at work

Big Boss has called me in. The main light is off, and a couple of lamps keep the room warmly lit. I know this is for my benefit. She has been listening to me. But there’s more to it than that.

I’m sitting on her couch. It’s dark green leather. It looks really nice, but I don’t like the feel of the leather – it’s not the smooth soft stuff. It’s the thick stuff that squeaks. Her assistant brings us both coffee, and I know there’s something going on. I mean, does your boss serve coffee at 2am? Nah, not mine usually either.

So she’s asking me about my powers and recovery time. I know it’s not because she doesn’t know what I can do. I mean, it’s all in my file. I know it’s not because she wants to make work easier for me. She could’ve done something about that already if she wanted. It’s because there’s a big job happening on the peninsula and she wants know if I can handle it.

Well yes, I can handle it. But I also need downtime. I need to not be out all the time. I need to be able to feed my cat. I need to have a fridge installed in my car for my medication if I am going to be out beyond morning. And swapping my phone for a watch device would be particularly helpful. And maybe a work vehicle. Not to be pushy. But those are kinda handy.

Yes, yes, good, good, before I know it she’s ordering a watch for me to pick up from Hero Logistics, and told me not to report any of my work at the local police station – or any station – and not to log any of it online. I am to go directly through her via the secure link on my watch. I can’t take on any small freelance jobs, even if it seems like an emergency. If I need to defend myself, I must not report anything except to her. And I need to be on call. Always.

And the work vehicle?

No luck.

So I ask about the money. Because, you know, I do the freelance jobs to stay afloat. Quitting that is a problem.

She says it’s not a problem. She taps a few buttons on her watch. I guess it’s not a problem any more.

My instructions are to go home, lay low and rest for a week. Chill with my cat. Exercise at home. Take regular walks around Mornington and observe everything.

The thing about this job is you need to be observant. You need to take everything in. You need to understand that you may have no idea what you’re looking for, even when you’ve found what you’re looking for. So you need to be alert at all times.

You need to be able to listen in on conversations, even when many people are talking at once. Oh, and you need to be listening in on all those conversations. Simultaneously. This is part of observing, knowing what’s going on, hearing what’s important, and still noticing the seemingly insignificant things.

Some people find that exhausting, so they can’t do this kind of work. But for me? I find it interesting. It’s all about getting curious. People watching. Listening to the whispers in the wind. Noticing the fine details like what the street lights look like, which ones are on the blink, which houses have dogs, what time the sun rises and sets. All that stuff.

I can sit outside in my backyard with a cup of coffee, relaxing in the sun, and take in so much from my surroundings. The harmony and cacophony of what’s going on is a beautiful thing.

Anyway, that’s my job for a week, or until I get a call out.

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