I’m No Spy

Anja Storm - Superhero at work

My watch rang. It was Zeb. But he was silent.

Could his superhero powers to indicate information to me work via phone?

I listened. I thought. I concentrated.


Seems his telepathic powers don’t work on 5G.

But something was up.

I suspected that since Big Boss wasn’t calling, that I shouldn’t contact her.

I put on my superhero clothes (honestly they’re just leggings with pockets, a jacket with many pockets, and some comfy boots) and drove straight down to the pier.

I did a lap of the carpark, but couldn’t see anything of interest. No Zeb. Just cars, a few kids with grandparents, a couple of guys fishing, and a man staring gazing across the bay.

I parked my car next to the fish and chip shop and tried to keep my mind open. In my mind I called out to Zeb, but there was no response.

The man who was looking out over the bay turned around and walked across the carpark right in front of me. It’s for times like this that I keep an old newspaper on the front passenger seat, so I lifted it up and pretended to be reading.

He walked into the fish and chip shop.

A few seconds later he came out chatting with someone who looked very familiar. It took me a moment to click with me, but I remembered he used to work at the local police station on Main Street. John. Quit a few years ago to care for his ageing mum. The thing is, I looked him up, and his mum had already died.

Now I’m no spy who looks into other people’s business without good reason, mostly because I’m a superhero, not a spy, so in all honesty, I left it at that. I mean, John could’ve been clearing up the estate, sorting through family stuff, or just wanted to give an excuse to quit. I don’t know. But now that I think about it, perhaps something else was going on.

I wound down my window just a crack. I had no reason to intervene, but I could make out a few words in their conversation.

Something about cargo (red flag), schedules (red flag), staying dark (red flag), and my name, Anja Storm (oh shit, really red flag).

They parted and got into separate cars.

Once they had driven up the top of the hill, I set off to see what I could see.

John turned left. Bay-Gazer turned right.

I followed John.

But I also knew he’d be looking out for me, so I took a right, made my way to the freeway, and went straight to the city.

Calling HQ in advance was out. I’d have to pay a visit to Big Boss if she’s in, or talk to someone and find out what’s happened to Zeb, and what I need to know or do about this stuff going on at the pier that seems to be involving past and current local police, and a whole bunch of no good. And while I’m at it, try again to hit them up for a new vehicle completely on their books. Have you seen the price of the toll roads into the city lately?

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