Week Off (Kind Of)

Anja Storm at her fav cafe, Coffee Folk.

I’ve had such a relaxing week. It’s been so good. You might think I had the week off work, but when you work for the Superhero HQ there’s no such thing as a week off.

This was a typical day for me:

6am Wake up, hit the gym. It’s peak training hour before work so I can eavesdrop on all the conversations. This is essential for my work. Gossip may just be gossip to most people. But for me it’s a potential source of intel.

7am Breakfast at my fav cafe, Coffeefolk. They are always busy, but they think they’re a nightclub and turn up the music too loud to listen properly to conversations. The good thing is a wide range of people come here, so when I do catch snippets of intel conversation, it can be quite useful.

8am Relax at home with my cat, Cleo. We like to sit outside in the sun. I play Marvel Snap on my phone, but not too much. You can lose track of time getting sucked in to that.

12-2pm I usually drive to Main Street and take a walk around. Sometimes grab a bite to eat, sometimes just a coffee, and a walk down to the pier. Of course, I have to be very careful about this. The cops know who I am, and I don’t want to be seen snooping. So sometimes I’d walk along the pier, sometimes along the neighbouring clifftops and beaches, and sometimes just walk around the park. This time is a great opportunity to gather intel, listen to conversations, notice who is where, and which businesses are serving which people, which police I can see in the station or on the beat, which police cars are out on the local roads, where they’re slowing down, which law firms are looking busy, and of course, pop in to a few cafes for coffees that I don’t need, but can use their venues for people watching and listening.

Now look, I’m not a spy. That’s ASIO. A completely different organisation. I’m a superhero doing superhero work. We’re kind of, you know, above ASIO and the feds. We’re actually above the Prime Minister. He knows this and wants this. No matter which side is in power, they want us to protect them. And even though there’s always the threat of us being shut down, there’s always, you know, the secret agency for that stuff.

7pm Dinner.

8pm Evening walk.

8:30pm Continue re-watching my favourite show of all time, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., listen to some music (I’m a sucker for SBS Chill and Lofi Girl), read a book, and relax with my cat.

10:30pm Bedtime.

I don’t see any friends, although I’ll sometimes have text conversations with some other superhero mates. I’m a loner by nature. A hardcore introvert. Getting out and about like this is more than enough peopling for me. I’m more interested in doing the things I enjoy – working (even though it’s a week of rest), a little exercise, meandering around, and chilling with my cat.

After this week “off” though, things get interesting. Starting with a call on my new watch from HQ. It wasn’t my Boss though. It’s Zeb, but the the line is silent.

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