The Lines Have Just Blurred Real Fast

Anja Storm with her coffee. Mmmm coffee...

There’s not really anything for me to do, but go right up to the police station and try to get a job with them.

So I drive my shiny new car and park behind the shops. I tell you what though, this car is fast off the mark. I don’t think it came like this from the shop.

I grab a take away coffee so I’m all casual-like and walk up to the cop shop.

Billy’s at the front desk and they think I’m in to report some work but actually I’m there to ask for work.

And as it just so happens, there’s a job down at the pier tonight that they want me for. They want to use my powers. They want me to stand by the pier and log the cargo ships passing into town. Okaaaaay. But why do I need to be invisible for this?

Billy ushers me behind the counter and through to the staff tea room.

“Look,” they say. “We’ve been wanting to get in touch with you about this, but we hadn’t seen you around for a while. You haven’t been working with your Superhero HQ or anything?”

“No, no, not me. They hardly even remember my name. I just report my jobs to them, but they’ve never called on me for anything.”

“Yeah good. Let’s keep it that way, OK?” they say. “There’s some stuff going on at the pier and we need your help. We think your Superhero HQ has been stealing intel.”

“Why would they do that?” I ask.

“You wouldn’t believe me.”

“Try me.”

After a while I get them to tell me what’s going on. They reckon my HQ – my Superhero HQ – is importing dangerous goods into the country. Right into the City of Melbourne. Right past our little town of Mornington. He’s got the whole station, the feds, and the guy who runs the fish and chip shop at the pier tracking the imports.

OK, so I’m wondering what these dangerous goods are, why my HQ is allegedly doing this, and yeah… what are they??

“It’s a massive power source,” says Billy. “It’s stuff I don’t even understand, but it could power the whole country right here from Melbourne. It’s a completely clean energy source, and it’s also very dangerous.”

“Well, energy generally is dangerous if you don’t handle it right,” I say.

“This is more complicated than that. It’s some kind of plasma. I don’t know what it does. But it’s highly toxic and very very expensive. Your HQ -“

Must it always be my HQ?

“- are getting this in, saving the country from climate change. And the opposition is paying for it. All off the books.”

“And that’s a problem because…?” I mean, it’s legally a problem with the money thing, but morally? I don’t know that it’s a problem if we can supply the country with clean energy. I mean, our track record with emissions is embarrassing. This sounds like a good thing to me.

“No, you don’t get it,” they say. “It’s a problem because it’s highly volatile, no one can see who paid for it, it could blow up the whole city, making your HQ go down, and the opposition will get back in. They’ll never let your HQ -“

Here we go with my HQ again. Yeah, I’m working for them, but they’re not mine. I mean, technically I’m working for ASIO too. And they are most definitely not mine.

“- work again. They’ll get rid of everything we’ve ever worked for.”

“Yeah OK.” We have a lot in common. Pretty sure if it weren’t for work getting in the way, we’d be good friends. “I’ll do it for you.”

“Do it for everyone, Anja.”

I nod.

So HQ say something bad is happening here. The local cop shop says it’s HQ doing the bad thing. I have been a little involved in stealing intel. And I’m going to be more involved tonight when I stand by the pier and take note of the incoming cargo ships. Who am I working for again? The lines have just blurred real fast.

I’ll tell you one thing I know for sure – being a superhero spy sounds fun and cool, but standing around counting boats? Not that exciting.

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