Do the right thing

Anja Storm

The past few days have been very similar. At night I slip into invisibility mode to log the cargo ships going through the bay, and during the day I lay low, catch up on sleep, and hang with my cat.

I gotta say though, it’s really exhausting. My powers are cool and everything – really cool – but the reason I don’t go around in my daily life being invisible is it’s so draining. I get so tired. Mentally and physically. It’s like – you know if you’ve met up with a friend and it’s cool and fun and everything, and even though it’s only a couple of hours, you need a whole day or two to yourself afterwards? You know that? Or is that just an introvert thing? After using my powers – going invisible – I just need quiet time to myself, a nap, and to just be me in my own way with my own creature comforts.

I’m under instruction from Superhero HQ to go dark. That means no contact with HQ, I can’t try to contact any of the missing superheroes, and there’s no one I can talk this through with. Also, I’m no closer to figuring out who the good guys are in this.

I mean, I think as a superhero I’m on the good side with HQ and ASIO, but it’s possible they’re the bad side and the local cops are the goodies here.

What I should really do is investigate my safe house organised by HQ, maybe even my safe hotel, and see if there’s any info there I can uncover. Maybe there’s a secure way to communicate with them, or a way to do my own investigations to make sure my moral compass is pointing in the right direction. For all I know, I could be a pawn for two bad sides.

I told the coppers I need some solid recovery time from using my powers for them. This isn’t untrue. But I’m going to use this time to find my safe house, bring my cat Cleo there, and stay hidden from them for a few days. They’ve really had a lot of my time. Time to balance that out a little and focus on what really matters to me – the superhero code of honour – basically, do the right thing.

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