The Safehouse

Anja Storm with her cat

Wow. The safe house. It’s like nothing I ever imagined.

I moved myself and Cleo in yesterday. It’s a high rise apartment right in the CBD. Walking distance to everything. Coffee, of course. And everything else too.

It’s pretty small, but it’s so sleek and modern. I have this stunning view. I could stare out the window for hours on end.

I can see HQ’s building. I can see everything. I think the idea is that I should be invisible whenever I go out. This is not my ideal situation, but I’m in a secure safe house, I’m under instruction to go dark, and for my own safety above all else, I need to be in absolute stealth mode.

I found some cover documents in the kitchen draw. New driver’s licence, bank cards, passport, several thousand dollars in cash, and a few other things to make me look local like a library card, gym card, and even an old Metro card – the kind that isn’t in use anymore.

There’s a telescope and binoculars in the lounge room. There’s desk with a computer, and a secure line out.

The closet is filled with clothes my size. And there are even a bunch of movies and crossword and sudoku books on the shelves.

There’s a saying in this game; hurry up and wait.

See, you need to be ready at any moment. So you need to hurry up and get into position. Then, once you’re there, you might be sitting around waiting for hours or even days till you’re instructed to move forwards with the plan. I love that HQ has included activities for the times you’re just waiting.

So anyway, now I’m here, I’m not too sure of the game plan.

HQ wants me working with the local police to uncover their bad plans. The cops want me helping to bust HQ’s bad plans. And I’m sitting here in a high rise apartment with my cat, looking out at the busyness down below.

Since I can see HQ from here, I figure that’s the logical next step.

Not to go there of course!


I set up some cushions on the floor right against the window. I’ve got a freshly made coffee, a cosy blanket over my legs, Cleo sharing the blanket with me, and those handy binoculars.

Although I can’t see into HQ, I can keep a good eye on who’s coming and going through the front door, and I can get a good idea of which departments are active at night by watching the lights.

It might seem like I’m double crossing them by watching them. But I’m just doing my job. Besides, I find it peaceful and relaxing.

I see a lot of workers coming and going. I see the press go in. And get kicked out. I see couriers. But you know what I don’t see? Superheroes. Don’t you think it’s strange that no superheroes are entering or exiting the Superhero HQ? Not one superhero all day. Isn’t that a little odd?

When evening clicks over and the lights flick on, I do see the top floor all lit up. That’s where Boss is. There are no shadows moving. Is she at her desk all night? Does she have a room she sleeps in there? Is she even there?

I just about jump out of my skin when the phone rings.

I pick up the receiver, but don’t say anything.

“Hi, is that Lightning Fast Pizza?” says my boss on the other end.

“Yes,” I say. “Pickup or delivery?”


“OK,” I really have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. “What can I get you?”

“One large vegetarian, extra olives. And I need it timely. When can I pick up?”

“That’ll be ready in ten minutes. Can I have your name please?”

“Oakfield,” she says.

“Thank you Oakfield, see you in ten.”

I need to decipher this to meet my boss in ten minutes.

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