What is this doing to me?

Anja Storm

OK so I didn’t go looking for Zeb straight away as I thought I would last week. I had to get as much info as possible.

I made myself invisible and went to the docks to see what was going on. Now, you know how exhausting my powers are for me. So it was really exhausting. I had to be invisible from the moment I left my apartment, all the way to Docklands, investigate things, look around, and make it back here. (I’m hesitant to call this place home, but I guess it is now).

At the docks I didn’t really see anything unexpected. But I don’t really know much about that area. It’s busy and complicated and there’s a lot going on, but none of it really makes sense to me.

I had to go back to the city, make myself visible, and buy a burner phone. Then I could download the Marine Traffic app, and at least get an idea of what I was seeing. So then I had to get invisible again, go back to the docks (my god, why didn’t I think this through earlier?) and check with the app that what I was seeing with my eyes was ridgy didge. You know. Legit.

From what I could tell, everything seemed to be accounted for. I couldn’t see anything weird or unusual. I didn’t see any dodgy characters. All I got was really really tired.

So I made my way back home (I never thought home would be a high rise apartment in the city) and napped. Slept. For a long time. I ordered a tonne of food. Pizza. Dumplings. Sushi. Ate some. Slept. Ate more. Slept.

It all seemed like a waste of time. I didn’t know what I was looking for. But nothing seemed like what I would be looking for.

I had to take a couple of days to rest before going to find Zeb. Last I saw of him, he was in HQ’s medical centre. Their hospital. So that’s my next plan.

It’s going to be another big day since I’ll have to be invisible the whole time. I’m really not sure how to deal with it other than be rested before, and make time to rest afterwards. Even though I know it’s the right thing – even though I know it’s what I must do – I am dreading it. The exhaustion.

Being invisible is cool and all. But is it really worth it? What is it doing to me?

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