I’m not in.

Anja Storm working on laptop with pizza box and Cleo the cat.

I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks up to my ears in pizza boxes. Let’s be clear: Injuries are not my forte.

All I really want to do is have my foot get better so I can get out and about independently to figure out this mess and do something about it.

But all I’ve really been doing is eating pizza, hanging out with Cleo, and seeing if I can learn some hacking skills (h4cking skilzz?).

See, I figure if I’m stuck indoors, maybe I could hack into the communications with the cops and the energy company. Maybe I could get more information on the cargo ships. If I got really good, maybe I could implement some kind of physical changes to – I don’t know – something in the logistics – to stop this thing. Maybe I could save the missing superheroes? I don’t know!

I taught myself I few things, but I’m really not very technical. I mean, my dream life is just chilling with my cat, Cleo, going for walks, and drinking coffee. It’s a very analogue kind of life. But I’ve got to do something. I mean, HQ are paying me to work for them. They’re actively paying me to not take on other jobs. So I feel like I need to do something.

So I learnt how to set up a Virtual Machine. I’ve learnt a few Linux commands, figured out how to dig around and look for information. But in terms of getting into another system? I’m not there.

Obviously HQ has its own department for that kind of thing, but aside from when Boss occasionally contacts me, I’ve gone dark.

I’ve got a few more weeks still in the moon boot. Boss should be out of hospital by now, but she hasn’t been in touch. So aside from looking out the window and watching HQ (nothing going on of note yet) the most practical thing I can think of is to learn some more tech skills and try my luck at hacking. Remote working like this is my best bet right now.

I’m spending some solid hours on this, mucking around with various password crackers, so I hope I’ll have wrapped my head around this soon enough to be able to sneakily and not-at-all-detectably do what they all do in the movies and say I’m in.

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