Anja Storm - Superhero At Work
  • What is this doing to me?
    OK so I didn’t go looking for Zeb straight away as I thought I would last week. I had to get as much info as possible. I made myself invisible and went to the docks to see what was going on. Now, you know how exhausting my powers are for me. So it was really… Continue reading What is this doing to me?
  • A Few Weeks Later…
    I was just reading my last post to see how long ago it was. 7 weeks ago. So I guess that’s how long I was locked up in my own workplace. 7 weeks. It seems like… longer. I feel… much older. My cat, Cleo… she hissed at me when I returned. Luckily the HQ vets… Continue reading A Few Weeks Later…
  • Finally, some action.
    I’m out of the moon boot! Yeahhhh! I’m supposed to get the OK from the doc before driving, but it feels OK so I reckon it is OK. I’m very diligent in my physio exercises, and I’m confident that I can slam on the breaks if I need to. I’m still basing myself in the… Continue reading Finally, some action.
  • I’m not in.
    I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks up to my ears in pizza boxes. Let’s be clear: Injuries are not my forte. All I really want to do is have my foot get better so I can get out and about independently to figure out this mess and do something about it. But all… Continue reading I’m not in.
  • Power Begets Power
    I’m still in the moon boot, which is a royal pain in the arse, and I’ve still got a few weeks plus physio to go. All this lack of movement is driving me a liiiiitle coo coo, and I think it’s making my knee arthritis worse. Sure, I’m an introvert who’s happiest at home with… Continue reading Power Begets Power