A Few Weeks Later…

Anja Storm

I was just reading my last post to see how long ago it was. 7 weeks ago. So I guess that’s how long I was locked up in my own workplace.

7 weeks. It seems like… longer. I feel… much older. My cat, Cleo… she hissed at me when I returned. Luckily the HQ vets know to check in with me, and if I don’t respond, they know to drop by in person. They’ve been looking after Cleo, and I am extremely thankful.

But how can HQ be so caring towards my cat, yet have me locked up, interrogated, and… I don’t want to talk about the rest.

I’m still not entirely sure who sent the order. It definitely wasn’t Boss. I know this because I passed her cell at one point.

It seemed to be… middle management? It’s so weird. So bizarre. The interrogations weren’t professional. I mean, I’m not trained in that but I’ve heard enough stories over the years to know what kind of things are done and how people speak during interrogations.

HQ is sticks to the rules with pretty much everything. And this was… not the rules. I still have my fingernails, but some of my fingers are still bandaged up. I can move OK. I can sit and stand OK. But sleep? I’m so tired but my eyes don’t like to close.

Fortunately they don’t know where I live. They tried to get it out of me, but they think I’m in Mornington still. Looks like I can’t go to my real home for quite some time. Looks like my cat and I are stuck indoors in this high rise flat for a very long time.

I don’t know if Boss is out yet. When I was captured they took my watch, so I can’t communicate with her, although I’d really have to be dark anyway.

At the moment, I think my best bet is to try and find Zeb. If I can communicate telepathically with him, then he can pass on silent messages to Boss.

Last time I saw him, he was in HQ’s hospital. But would he still be there now? Or would he have been locked up too?

This is my new focus. He’s my only way to resume communications with anyone. He’s my key to finding out what’s going on, and maybe even get things back to normal.

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