Low Key in the Moon Boot

Anja Storm with her cat

It’s been a pretty low key week. I’m still in a moon boot, so I’m too noticeable to be out and about, and Boss is recovering in her safe house.

I’ve been up in my safe house, not keen or physically able to go home and investigate the local pier, so I’ve just been sitting up here in this flashy highrise, watching the world go by down below.

I think I’ve mentioned my cat’s on medication, right? She’s got asthma. So just like a human she has to take her puffer twice a day. Unfortunately I had to get my secret HQ vet here to get us another prescription.

I’d much rather see my regular vet. I spent years getting dismissed when I told so many vets about Cleo’s asthma attacks. Now I have a great vet and Cleo’s asthma is generally under control, so I was quite apprehensive about this other vet, but they turned out to be just fine. I guess if they’re looking after the pets of superheroes, under extremely sensitive circumstances, they’re probably pretty understanding people.

As much as it sucks being out of action, I’m actually really enjoying this downtime just hanging with Cleo in our modern apartment.

It’s not glamorous or exciting. I’m not saving anyone. I’m not hustling for work from the cops or security or whatever. HQ has me covered. I just don’t know if they’re the good guys. I want to believe they are, but Billy told me about the energy deal so I don’t know. And then they tried to kill me?

In times like these (who am I kidding? Times like these are not times I’ve had before) I like to re-watch my favourite shows, play Marvel Snap (finally had time to get to infinite rank this season!), hang with Cleo, and gaze out a floor to ceiling window overlooking the city.

I’ve got a few more weeks stuck in the moon boot, so that’s a few weeks to gather strength and intel to plan my next move. But is a few weeks too long? No one’s told me what the timeframe is here.

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